18 Oct 2019 
Preserving and promoting sustainable tourism and marine conservation
The Bluff, in Durban, has been awarded international Whale Heritage Site status, making it one of two Whale Heritage Sites in the world. The accreditation brings regional,.....  More
18 Sep 2019 
Tourism Marketing
The value of spending South Africa’s tourism marketing budget on domestic rather than international tourism was called into question at the National.....  More
30 Jul 2019 
Guided Walk to learn about life in a Mangrove Estuary
Botanical Society - KZN Coastal Branch invites you to a Guided Walk through the Beachwood Mangroves on Saturday 3 August 2019. Just down the Road from.....  More
28 Jul 2019 
A City of vast choices
Indoors / Outdoors - Action / Relaxing - Water Sea or Air - What shall we do today? In Durban one is spoilt for choice, for all these things can be found. More
16 Jul 2019 
Great for fast reservation but there are consequences
Instant bookings the latest buzz words in the accommodation reservation sector, are great for some people but there appear to be a few issues for others.Consider the various scenarios that.....  More
15 Jul 2019 
An Upmarket Suburb of Durban for your accommodation
Durban North is a wonderful suburb of Durban, extending from the Umgeni River in the South to  La Lucia in the North, on the East Coast of KwaZulu-Natal Province. Durban North is on the shores of.....  More
24 May 2019 
Durban and KZN Marketing
Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN) has embarked on a winter campaign to sell the region as a destination of choice in South Africa’s winter months, to both international and domestic.....  More
20 May 2019 
No More Illegal Establishments
The Umhlanga Community Tourism Organisation has issued a friendly warning to homeowners thinking of running a B&B on the quiet.


06 May 2019 
Fluff up your feathers
Down the road from our Guest House is a fantastic opportunity to view wonderful and awesome birds in a close environment. The Umgeni River.....  More
23 Mar 2019 
Business tourism definition
Your employee is considered to be a Tourist.
Its a strange scenario in the tourist world. For some weird reason the authorities do not want to recognise the business traveller in a class on their own. So they lump them in as tourists; business.....  More
22 Mar 2019 
Pirate sites
Your information is being sold back to you
Just a heads up for the travellers of the world. Mainly for those of you using third party listing websites.You should be aware of where you information is going and how its being used......  More
22 Mar 2019 
Airbnb illegals
Under Regulation creating online manipulation
When the majority of traditional guest establishments started their business, they had to apply to the municipality, jump through many hoops and after approval were allowed to open up for business......  More
22 Mar 2019 
Liquor License Guest House
Over Regulation madness for small business's
Liquor licences for the small establishments?Yes - they could develop into a full blown bar and public drinking house but thats not what we are talking about.We are.....  More