October 2021

After 20 years, many miles and many guests, we had to take a difficult decision to close the Guest House.

Lockdowns, Riots, Protests, Blackouts are just a few of the larger scenarios that we have had to contend with over the years, which more recently have grown to size that even we had to admit was going to create an end. Municipal taxes, regulations and inability to resolve simple issues were also factors. The Government at all levels has gone out of its way to ensure the tourist, holiday, and general business travel as well as events, conferences, and gatherings do not happen. These were our sources of revenue, which are non-existant at this stage of South Africa's economic cycle.

Having endured and kept ourselves ready to accommodate guests for many months, eventually the lack of income and potential dissapated to the extent that we could no longer finance the business.

We would like to thank all our guests and supporters through the years, especially those that came back on a regular basis. Your backing was greatly appreciated and we will treasure those many hours spent chatting, discussing all subjects and solving the world problems.

Unfortunately, we had to retrench our hard working staff, some of whom had been with us for over 15 years. It was a sad day as we bid them farewell, knowing the Government has created a situation where they will battle to obtain a job anywhere in the future. It was at that stage a reflection for us as well, one of the main issues being to sell the Guest House to cover costs.

Again we wish all our loyal and valuable Guests, Companies and Supporters every success. May you all have good luck and favour for your future endevours.

Onwards and Upwards as always

Marq and Penny

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