October 2021

We have closed our wonderful Guest House.

The hospitality business was very good to us and we look back over the past 20 year of operating with mixed feelings. From the busy but wonderful world of hosting and service, to a world where age is telling us to relax.

This means that the House is up for sale to a buyer that would like to make his home an asset. The hospitality industry creates a great source of income while hosting interesting people in a safe secure environment.

Many memories, have been created, of the exciting and wonderful people met along the way as well as participating in events, conferences and meetings aligned to the accommodation industry..

We wish all the participants in this industry, the suppliers, the marketing arms, the other hosting and accommodation companies and people as well as the most important people, our Guests all the best for the future and trust that we can all find happiness and wellbeing in our futures.

Onwards and Upwards as always

Marq and Penny

If you would like to contact us....
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