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Pirate sites and your info

Written by - Marq Smith
Local Correspondent
Your information is being sold back to you
Just a heads up for the travellers of the world.
Mainly for those of you using third party listing websites.
You should be aware of where you information is going and how its being used. is an agent of Google and as you know by now the large tech companies are only after one thing - your data and personal information. They use it, they sell it, they manipulate it. 

Those who thought Google should be a custodian of the data of the world and as such should have some fiduciary duty to look after it - think again. 

They have not only extracted the data from you they have used it to create vast networks and companies that control the information to the extent that the only think you can do now is buy your own information back fro them which they consider to be their own data now.

This is especially true in the travelling world, where google controls your maps, your flights, your car arrangement and your accommodation. They do this direct and through third party providers such as They have strategic alliances with air b&b and many other booking agents. 

So ask some key questions before you fill in that instant booking form and request for your banking or credit card details -  where will your information be stored, how will they store it, for what purpose? Can you delete it, edit it or have access to it or will they use it, abuse it and sell to spam you forever?

Be careful out there.
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