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Air b&b destroying our world

Written by - Marq Smith
Local Correspondent
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When the majority of traditional guest establishments started their business, they had to apply to the municipality, jump through many hoops and after approval were allowed to open up for business. Every year they renew their licences, pay the fees and carry on. The same goes for the liquor license, the tv licence, labour law issues, tax and vat regulations to name a few areas where small business guys have to be approved. 

This of course is done for the benefit of the traveller , tourist and anybody using an accommodation establishment when away from home.

Enter Air b&b - just list your back room, your house apartment flat garage space and tell them what price you require and hey presto - you're in business.

Ignore the rules and legislation, its ok.....or isit?

Supporting Air b&b has consequences. 
Yes you received a great deal - yes you had an instant booking - yes the place was as advertised and everybody came out unscathed.

But effectively you could have supported:-
- An illegal operator.
- A reduction in tourist spend in the country as up to 20% commissions are paid overseas.
- A reduced price which equals reduced profits which means maybe, reduced staff in general.
- Reducing business opportunities for the legal operators which means they go out of business.
- Reducing social communities who will no longer have that corner store or that b&b down the road.
- Reduced property rentals as properties bought for the purpose on getting in on this get rich scheme fail.
- Reduced property prices for the same reason.

You say this is far fetched. just because you made this online booking with a well known company . Its happening already in the property market. Its happening already in the accommodation industry. Some cities have banned the operation of air b&b in their city limits for these reasons while others have not yet seen the light.

Just book direct with your accommodation of choice - its far more beneficial for yourself and in the long run, far more beneficial for our world.

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