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Instant Bookings for Accommodation

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Great for fast reservation but there are consequences
Instant bookings the latest buzz words in the accommodation reservation sector, are great for some people but there appear to be a few issues for others.
Consider the various scenarios that play out.

Guests want to know know that they have their accommodation booked and ready to go. The sooner this happens they sooner they can get on with other things in their day.

The hosts want the same thing but they may also need a few more thoughts on the booking.
They may need some more information or perhaps clarify a request. The host is the one that sees the daily conversation in bookings so can understand the concerns and no one knows better that an unhappy guest is not what they want which could have been resolved with a bit of time spent up front before the booking.

In between the two parties known as guests and hosts will be an accommodation booking system, either controlled by the hosts themselves or a third party system.
The third party systems and listing agents such as and air b&b are calling more and more for this instant booking scenario. They will try and get the booking finalised and a commission paid into their bank account no matter the cost.

The main cost is that space of time where the two parties need to check each other out. Mismatched transactions are becoming the order of the day as guests arrive at their destination to find that it is not what they wanted and hosts are receiving guests that are not what the system said should be arriving. The third party guys - well they just refer one to the terms and conditions and declare that you have agreed and paid so ...move on. Here you are a guest or a host holding the problem and the listing agent who arranged the problem is nowhere to be seen.

In the chase for a quick world we appear to have compromised a few values and the resulting unhappiness could be devastating for either of the people involved.

So next time you book your accommodation establishment - take a bit of time to review it, ask some questions upfront and know that the host has your back and can advise you according to your needs and expectations. 

It is always understood that certain events arise, where a booking is required straight away and one needs to hear that they have a spot to stay tonight. Even if it is not required in the immediate future, one always looks to finalise the booking as early as possible.
Consider though, that when we are travelling away from home we are at our most vulnerable and need that security of a decent accommodation establishment where we can rest for the night.
Take care and be aware that one should not compromise ones own well being for the sake of a five minute instant booking with uncaring listing agents, that you find out later is not suitable for your needs. 

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