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Payment Policy

  1. Reservations will be automatically cancelled if the deposit is not paid by the deposit due date.
  2. Cancellation penalties apply as follows:-
    14 to 21 days, 50% forfeiture.
    22 to 28 days prior, 25%
    Cancellations in excess of 28 days prior, 5% administration fee to cover banking and processing charges.
  3. No shows', guests reducing their length of stay after arrival and cancellations 7 day or less before arrival or on the day of arrival will be charged for the full reservation period.

Terms and Conditions


  • Accounts may be settled by internet transfer, credit card, debit card and cash. Accounts must be paid at the beginning of stay or as otherwise arranged.
  • The period of occupation is from 14h00 on the day of arrival to 10h00 on the day of departure or as stated on the booking confirmation. Extensions are subject to availability and must be accepted as a separate reservation requiring due confirmation.
  • The reservation may not be transferred, nor may occupation be taken by anyone other than the people for whom the booking has been made, except by specific arrangement with the management.
  • The Guest House reserves the right to increase the quoted tariff without notice and guests are liable to pay the tariff applicable at the time of arrival.
  • Deposits will be refunded as per our deposit refund policy indicated in our confirmation. The confirmation is a contract and you will be required to pay the full amount regardless of cancellation or part cancellation. Refunds will be passed only where the accommodation can be let in full to other guests.
  • Where rooms are not vacated by 10h00 an extra days accommodation may be charged.
  • Notwithstanding common law rights, it is the express condition of occupancy of this Guest House that the management is not responsible for loss or damage suffered by any person to his property or person, whether arising from fire, theft, or wrongful act of any person or property or otherwise.
  • Guests will be responsible for all damages, breakages, shortages or loss occurring during their stay, to any linen, furniture, effects and fittings, or building contained in their room, or caused by them in or about the Guest House.
  • No animals may be brought or kept on the premises.
  • No cooking or preparation of food by guests is permitted anywhere on the Guest House Premises.
  • No Smoking is allowed in the Guest House or any of the rooms. Guests not adhering to this policy will be charged two additional days rates to recover the costs of this discretion.
  • No Food consumption is permitted in the rooms.
  • No Drinking of alcoholic beverage is permitted in the rooms.
  • In the event of a guest being in breach of any of the foregoing conditions, or refusing to obey any request of management or committing a nuisance or any act which is, in the opinion of the management, detrimental to the operation of the Guest House, the management may forthwith terminate the accommodation of that guest and any persons accompanying that guest without prejudice to the right to recover any damages or loss sustained, including the loss of income arising from the premature termination of the accommodation. The Guest House shall have lien over the luggage, clothing and personal possessions of any guest in regard to any claim against the guest whatsoever.
  • The management reserves the right of admission.


The following details out the basic Guest House rules. All we ask is that you follow them, HAVE RESPECT AND SHOW CONSIDERATION for the other Guests and consider how your actions will affect the Guests that will come here after you.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS – Any person bought onto the property for any purpose without prior permission or knowledge of the Owners of Honeycomb will be charged a rate equal to the single rate applicable at the time. We do not allow strange ladies of pleasure or any other instant relationship partners onto the property without being screened first. Please do not submit the Guest house or fellow Guests to this security breach.

AIRCONDITIONERS - Please keep the windows closed if you use the air conditioners and turn them off when leaving the room.

BREAKFAST - Breakfast is served from 07h00 to 09h00 in the dining room. Please arrange if you would like breakfast served at any other time. We do not offer room service or self catering services.

DEPARTURE - Check out time is 10h00. Please inform us if a late departure is required. Any late check out will incur an additional days charge. Storage of baggage for the day, if required, can be done with pleasure.

ARRIVALS - Check in time is any time after 14h00 but before 22h00. A late check in charge will be levied for those who have not made prior arrangements.

HONESTY BAR - The honesty bar is in the lounge. Please make use of the list provided to, specifying items removed for stack taking purposes.  Room service is not an option.

KEYS - Please look after your keys and gate remote. A charge will be levied should you lose the keys or take them home. Keys may left with us in the office, should you not wish to take them with you on your journeys.

LAUNDRY - Landry can be done by arrangement. Place any laundry items on your bed 09h00 for same-day service (weather permitting) and let housekeeping know. An Iron and ironing board is available for your use. Please ask.

MAGAZINES & BOOKS – You are welcome to read anything that you find in the House. Please do not remove any of the books or magazines from the premises.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE - Call us immediately should you require assistance.

RECEPTION - We are usually around the house or in the office. Ask a staff member if you cannot find us.

SMOKING AREAS - Due to legal regulations, we regret that smoking areas are limited to outside areas only. Smoking in the bedroom is not permitted. A special large cleaning fee will be levied for anyone not adhering to this rule.

SWIMMING POOL TOWELS - Pool towels are available on request.

WIFI – WiFi is free - Contact reception for codes and details.

VALUABLES & FIREARMS  - All items of a valuable nature, are brought onto Honeycomb premises at their owner's risk. This is a firearm friendly zone – declaration of carry ios all that is required.

VISITORS' BOOK - Please make an entry in our visitors' book at reception or on the reviews section on the website. If you have enjoyed your stay with us please tell your friends - if you did not please tell us.



47 Northway
Durban North

47 Northway
Durban North

Telephone: (031 563 8806
Facsimile: (031) 563 3329
Electronic mail:

Please take our business card when you get here to have our details on you should you require information or service. If you could also pass our information onto your friends and business associates, it would be greatly appreciated.